Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little brief Update and Epicure Spice Recipe

It has been awhile since this blog has been updated, but I've definitely been cooking still. When my mom visited this month she brough me some goodies from Epicure that I was SO excited to try out. The one I was most excited about was "Mild Smoked Paprika" I see it on the Food Network quite often and something about it made my mouth water every time. She also brought silicone tongs and brush, pepper jelly, and PINK peppercorns, which taste NASTY raw but SO GOOD not raw. I thought they were like black ones so I thought how cool is that, pink on your food instead of black. So wrong, but they work anyways :) Thanks again, Mom!

We went to the grocery store and bought some stuff to make dinner. That particular night I was craving pork tenderloin, since that's what I saw someone cooking on tv. So I thought I could totally use the paprika for this. If you're interested here is what I did:

I sliced the tendorloin into half inch little pork loin chops. we picked out a small one, but it still fed 3 adults and 2 children.
Put the tiny cute little chops into a medium size tupperware container.
Coated them with about 4 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Seasoned them with Epicures Mild Smoked Paprika, a pinch of cayenne for a "kick" I like my food to have a bit of spice to it sometimes, a half a teaspoon of salt and some fresh ground pepper.
I then put a lid on the container and marinated it in the fridge for a couple of hours.
Since it's summer I like to use our grill (indoor electric one) as much as possible. Grill for about 6 minutes each side. More or less depending on your grill.
Be sure not to overcook tenderloin.

OH MY GOSH so good! Trust me. It's so easy and pretty healthy too. We served it along side some steamed snow peas (cheap and plentiful in the summer, I got mine for $1 a bag, and they last a couple meals), and our favorite side dish: roasted yams, which are one of the healthiest things you can buy in the produce deparment, onions and garlic.

Oh, also, yesterday while the kids and I were at the grocery store, I noticed with the Coke display, a pamphlet full of recipes made with COKE! So neat, since the other day i was thinking of doing that. You have no idea how many times I think of things, just to find out some other GENIUS (;)) thought of it too. It actually makes me feel like I'm doing something right and not completely out in left field as far as cooking is concenred. So anyways, in this pamphlet on the back page there was instructions on how to make a SPIDER out of HOTDOGS. I make the kids octopuses with their kraft dinner sometimes, but NEVER have I seen a SPIDER. So that's what they got for lunch today, with their new favorite thing, Mr.Noodle. I haven't made that ever before for them, but they've got it quite a bit lately since they discovered their infatuation. All you do is cut both sides like you would an octupus, leaving about 2 inches in the middle. Daughter could've cared less, (she's 18 months and loves to THROW food, dip it in her juice, etc, not really eat it all, but son almost peed his pants with excitment. It's the little things Mothers!!!

Anyways...that's all for now...


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