Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Let's be honest here. Not everything I make is totally awesome and flawless. Here's a lessson learned from tonight's dinner.

When cooking chicken breast, take them out right away when they are done. Or else they WILL overcook. DO NOT leave them in the oven even for a second longer. Take them out and serve them right away. Chicken breast is tricky to cook, but when done with care they will come out juicy and perfect every time.

DO NOT EVER think of dinner as something that can be forgotten about and it will be fine. Take dinner seriously. Dinner time should be an enjoyable time spent with the ones you love. Take pride in what you are cooking! Don't neglect your food and always put effort into it. Don't be scared to try new things.

I say all this because I struggle with every one of those things at times. Sometimes I forget how much I really love to cook for my family. But then when I choose to suck it up and get in the kitchen, it turns out to be rewarding every single time!!

Ok...not every one LOVES to cook, I understand. But your family will appreciate you and you are creating some strong morals in your children as well. You are teaching them to cook and provide for their own families one day.

We all make mistakes in the kitchen, just REMEMBER to learn from them!

DINNER TIME IS IMPORTANT!!! (even if it's just sandwiches or cereal some nights!!!)


  1. I find chicken breasts the hardest to keep moist. I end up putting them in foil for most of the cooking...............seems to work!

  2. Dinner is important......I always loved dinner time. Just a time to be together when everything is so rushed. I also think a "set table" is wonderful. It can even make the simplest meal feel elegant somehow :)